Wake Up Call

It was 5:30 am and the phone rings with the voice on the other end saying, "You need to get over here". A friend from the apartment building that houses Pairings Portland Wine Shop was on the line and saying, "You got burglarized and I just set off the alarm".

I opened my left eye to meet my right, and threw on the nearest things available and drove over. Panic had not set it for whatever combo of reasons, but my mojo was more just move and get there.

Would there be wine left? Would there be broken bottles? Would it be a mess? What did they destroy and what got taken? 

I arrived and stepped thru a pile of glass (the back door middle glass panel had been smashed), to be met by 2 police officers. Within a minute, the friend who had called me arrived. 

Pairings Portland Wine Shop's back door at 6 am on May 29, 2014.

Pairings Portland Wine Shop's back door at 6 am on May 29, 2014.


The store looked ok. The wine racks were how I left them. The wine looked to be where I left it. First sigh. Then I saw the computer where I left it. Second sigh. I had remembered the tip jar had a nice flow of singles showing off there muted green. That was missing. That was a monstrous $20. Then I realized the iPad and its stand (which served as my cash register) were gone. OK I got burglarized. No one got hurt. The wine was still there. Third sigh.

Then I realized a valuable possession was gone. I've always loved taking photographs, to the point of a common response from those with me being, enough already. My Nikon D90 was no longer mine. Upsetting, but ultimately in rational brain-land not so bad.

Except, I felt dang weird.

As the police spoke to me, I remember having a hard time listening.  I didn't want to face the feelings of intrusion. The police told me I should expect an additional occurrence, since these had been happening recently in waves. I think I remember my body contracting, but that's kind of about it. 

The door repair folks were at the shop a few hours later and by 3 pm I was open for business as if nothing had happened.

That night, about an hour before closing, two kids poured the remnants of a can of bad beer in our planter on the shops' corner. I went to the door to throw the beer can in their direction (to let them know they had forgotten something), but didn't. I was ready to throw a perfect strike home with the beer can, but I found myself particularly scared and froze, although I did let out a mini insult.

A fair amount of odd numbness and a assortment of pent up moments later it was late July (two months after the act), and the insurance was finally finished.

This was dovetailed with the ending of a project I birthed in 2008 called ConsciousWine. More on that in the next few weeks, but it influences what you see at Pairings, and it going away is like anything you birthed going away. 

Interesting times, and typing this out feels dang good, as will telling some of the tales & lessons of ConsciousWine. 

I'm grateful for what is now and some things are just a pain in the ass! Speaking of pain, I'm sorry if any of you got caught in one of my pent up pain expression rants.

Cheers to a little consciousness where a bit too much darkness found its way into the room. 

PS: Lots of cool new things including an amazing new table :)