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Pairings Basics Class

* This class is $25 per person and requires a RSVP to If you reserve for this class, please do your best to attend or pass your reservation on to a friend. In the future, we hope to set up a pre-payment system to secure reservations, whereby if one has to cancel, they can be credited the class fee for a future class or event. Thanks!!!

* There are 20 seats available for this class. 



You'll discover how foods & flavors can alter your experience of a wine. How?

* We will get to know a single wine and form a strong like/dislike opinion about it.

* Once that opinion is solidified, we're gonna mix things up by exposing that wine to a series of ingredients individually, and tasting how each ingredient/element affects the wine.

* The takeaway from the class will be the opportunity to see wine as an ingredient that is meant to be part of a dish/meal.

Here's an article by Winerabble (Michelle Francisco) from a recent Pairings Basics class: