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Paws & Pours

Imagine getting a wine paired to you based on what you love about your dog! 

We call it PAWS & POURS :)

We'll be building a picture book including photos of your dog, the wine we've paired to you, and the words that create the connecting bridge. 

How does it work?

1. Fill out the survey.
2. We take a photo & you and your dog. 
3. We give you a general idea of a wine pairing at the shop.
4. Within a couple of weeks we create the specific pairing and add you to our book. 
5. For being in the book, FOR ONE YEAR, you can purchase that wine for 10% off. If that wine sells out, we'll pick another one for you.
6. To participate it's $10 per person/dog plus ordering at least one glass of wine while you hang out :)
7. $5 from each PAWS & POURS pairing goes to THE PIXIE PROJECT.
8. There will be a drawing (for a series of prizes) with all the proceeds going to THE PIXIE PROJECT.

Show up any time from 12-6 and bring your pup :)