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Funky Flight Night: Game of Thrones (Across the Narrow Sea)

Every Wednesday is Funky Flight Night! What's that? We offer a 5-wine tasting flight for $15 in a funky theme. How funky? In May it's all Game of Thrones! Each week we'll pair a wine to 5 characters from a different region of Westeros (The North, The South, Across the Narrow Sea & Kings Landing). How do we figure out the wines? We write down adjectives describing 5 characters from the show. Once we've got a full list of descriptors, we flip it over, and look for a wine we would describe using those same adjectives! The handout we give you at the tasting is set up so you can taste the wines, and look to see what adjectives fit what you're tasting. 

The bottom line: we play games to make wine approachable and fun!

Wednesday May 21, the theme is 5 characters from 'Across the Narrow Sea'.

The tasting starts at 4, and goes till 8. 9 if folks still hanging out.

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