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Pairings Potluck: Earthy (for Earth Day!)


-Seasonal Potluck?

For each potluck you're asked to bring a dish in a seasonal theme, which is announced in advance. It can be anything your imagination desires, within the theme. This month the theme is Earthy, in honor of Earth Day.

You can bring an appetizer, entree, salad or dessert. Don't tell us any more than that in advance. Please bring a written list of the ingredients in your dish for those with food sensitivities.


That's where I come in. At Pairings Portland Wine Shop and Bar, the focus is on pairing wines. At these events, I'll share some thoughts and tactics on how to pair wine and food based on the food that shows up at start time.

You'll learn tips on pairing, have a taste experience of how food can change your experience of a wine, and then get to try four wines chosen as partners to that month's potluck fare. 


$25 per person. You'll get a half glass of bubbly on arrival, then four wines poured freely with the potluck.


The person whose dish is voted favorite by the group, gets a $15 gift certificate to a 5-wine flight at Pairings Portland.