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Earth, Fruit & Spice: Transforming Pinot Noir Class

Join Jeffrey Weissler, and special guest Beverly McKenzie, at this sit-down class to explore Pinot Noir from its three main growing regions: Oregon, California and the Burgundy region of France. 

You'll learn how the flavors of earth, fruit & spice can alter & transform your experience of three Pinot Noir from different regions. 

This is a food and wine pairing experience that might forever alter your view of Pinot Noir. 

Setting the Stage...

You're presented with a Pinot Noir from each Oregon, California & the Burgundy region of France. They will be approximately the same retail price. Stylistically each one offers a different elemental asset from its nature (earthy, fruity & spicy). 

You'll try the three Pinot Noir and order them by preference (from favorite to least). Once you've decided, you will get to try the three wines, three more times each. 

You'll be presented with a base demi glace (to be dipped in bread), then trying each of the three wines following the food taste. 

In Round 2, the demi glace will include a single earth element. Round 3, a spice element, and Round 4, an earth element. If you think your order of preference won't change, get ready to be surprised :)

$35 PER PERSON; RSVP REQUIRED; 541-531-7653 or