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New Poet Challenge #18

Hey everyone! On Tuesday August 2nd at 6pm , come to @PairingsPdx, located at 455 N.E 24th for the latest edition of New poet challenge, hosted by the lovely and talented Amanda Helstrom-White !

How it works : 

We ask a bunch of poets we know know to read and to bring with them people who are new to the experience of live poetry in that they have never read live before, and in many instances, have never even written poetry before they were asked !

Those who we asked are the challenger poets , because they challenged someone to do this. Those that they challenged are the NEW POETS . Hence, NEW POET CHALLENGE!

Our challenger poets for August include :

Casey Bush
(his readers are Devon Balwit,Jeff Jensen ,Mel Rader)
Pecos B
Neil Anderson
John Dooley
Laural Winter
Keely Rae

Again, this will be happening at Pairings Portland Wine Shop & Bar , 455 N.E 24th from 6pm to 8pm . 

This will be an amazing show and I hope we see you there !