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4 Year Anniversary--4 Events 4 Days

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Our 4 year anniversary celebration features 4 events in 4 days plus a 4 day long drawing with prizes. Drink and buy anytime from 12 noon--10 pm each day and you're entered for prizes!!

Additionally, it's a special wine club weekend and all visitors can become wine club members for a day with special perks!!  If you choose to do so, it costs $25 which gets you:
• an extra 5 wines (our wine club selections for the month) to taste for n/c.
• a bottle to take home (chosen between 2 of the wines in the added tasting) that's priced between $20 & $25. 
• 10% off all retail in the shop.




Friday March 3--Hiyu Vineyards FREE Tasting--5 to 8 pm

Wow it's been 4 years of Pairings Portland Wine Shop & Bar! The official date is March 6th. We're getting "4 YEARS, 4 EVENTS, 4 DAYS" kicked off with a free tasting on Friday Night (5-8) with Nate Ready and his awesome creations!

His two labels are Hiyu Wine Farm and Smock Shop Band. 

I tasted 3 of Nate's wines about a month ago (thanks to John Soares of Pdx Wine). My mind and palalte were blown! And very happy about the addition to the awesome things happening in Oregon).

Join us and Nate and get to meet his wines and toast 4 Years of Pairings!!!!

Here's the link to an article from Oregon Wine Press on Hiyu Wine Farm:


Saturday March 4--Crowley Wines FREE Tasting-- 2 to 5 pm

As part of our 4 year anniversary celebration we've got 4 events in 4 days. Each event features an aspect from a favorite line: "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue."

This is something old, in that our relationship with Tyso Crowley, Evan Roberts & Patrick Benad (the team at Crowley Wines) travels just about the entirety of our existence thus far!

Why do we love Crowley?
--no yeast added, soulful, sense of place, light on their feet, priced right, rich in presence tasty wines.
--member of the DRC (Deep Roots Coalition--dry farming+)
--great people!!!
--and they love to do tastings with us :)

Evan will be pouring this event and the lineup will include a shockingly great valued Pinot Noir, their yummy Chardonnay and a "library wine". 


Sunday March 5--Communiqué Wines FREE Tasting--2 to 5 pm

We love new discoveries. Ryan and Communique Wines is our newest. Ryan came strolling in recently and patiently introduced himself (and his wines) to us one afternoon as customers and deliveries kept moving thru. He is another New Yorker (like yours truly) and we know patience is a virtue, especially for New Yorkers. 

I was impressed and hope you can make it by to try his creations!


Monday March 6--Our Greatest Hits with Cheese Pairings--5 to 9 pm--$25 per person

4 years ago (from the day of this event, Monday, March 6th), Pairings Portland Wine Shop & Bar officially opened it's doors. 

To celebrate we've got a 6 wine (each paired to a cheese) tasting event! 

All the wines for this event have been part of our stash since the beginning. Each has a story...

• the wine that started the quirky pairings.
• the wine a customer paired to "cocky bravado that had had a few".
• a wine that unfolded for a week once opened and introduced us to the magic of "Day 5".
• our antidote to "I hate Chardonnay".
• our favorite value wine from a grape and place far, far away.
• a wine I discovered 4 years ago, that when we don't have it stock, it's a problem. 

A "Guess this Wine!" tasting is free for all to venture a guess (yes there's prizes) as to "One of Jeff's Favorite Wines of the First 4 Years of Pairings". 

$25 for the 6 pairings of wine & cheese.

And yes Jeff's most annoying musical favorites will be repeated once again :)