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Two Year NEW POET CHALLENGE Anniversary Event

Join Amanda & Curtis (creators of The New Poet Challenge) on March 7th which will be their two year anniversary show!

"Thank you for being part of this little community experiment which means the world to us!

Amanda Helstrom-White hosts, as she always does, and presents to you a special way we are going to celebrate: Just come on up and tell us something about you! We have had people do this before, with great results , and would like to see more of it, as long as it gets people comfortable with being in front of a crowd and expressing to that crowd ! 

It is going to be our normal format of Challengers and newbies, and our challengers for may will include :

Hollie Fisher
Sarah McKay
Lanita Nash
Jenny Forrester
Eric Fair-Layman
Lou Woods
Arlo Voorhes

More to be announced!

So please come on down to Pairings wine shop , 455 NE 24th from 6pm to 8pm , Jeffrey will be serving the best wine in town , and you will very likely be getting a glimpse into the future of poetry around town !"