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Move Your Wine

Get ready for interpretative dance & wine tasting!

OK, this is gonna be fun. It might sound crazy, but something tells me it's gonna be really fun!!

How it works and what's gonna happen?

#1.  A guided "Taste the Experience" starts things off. It will set the stage for being able to "Move Your Wine". 

#2.  8 wines will be "moved". If there's more than 8 people in attendance, then 2 participants will move each wine. As mover, you will smell the wine then give a movement (or a little dance) to what you smell. Then the same thing is done for the taste.

#3.  Once the mover(s), has moved the wines aroma and taste, everyone else attending the event will taste the wine, and give it a score!

#4.  Scoring: If you totally got the wine from the movers dance & movement you score them a 3. If you "got it" a little, you score them a 2. If you didn't get the connection at all, you give them a 1.

#5.  Winners! Yes we're all winners for doing something so crazy, but whoever gets the highest aggregate scores wins prizes! There will be a 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize.

$25 per person

RSVP TO OR 541-531-7653