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Couples Therapy Featuring Wine & Numerology: Get a little lit & get rid of that sh_t.

Fun, tasty, insightful craziness is the "mo" on Sunday May 7th (3 to 7 pm) which many would describe as the norm at the not so normal Pairings Portland Wine Shop & Bar.

Owner Jeff Weissler (in addition to being a life long wine-know) is a 25 year Numerologist. It all comes together in this quirky event.

$30 gets you and a friend or partner a glass of Crowley Wine (either their new Pinot Noir Rosé or Willamette Valley Pinot Noir), plus the numerological insight. You'll get 2 wines paired to you as a result of the numerology game. If you wish to purchase those wines you'll receive 10% off on bottles to go, or your corkage fee waived to start enjoying the paired wine at Pairings.

You can reserve a time between 3 & 7 at 541-531-7653 or just stop in and drink some wine, talk to Evan from Crowley while tasting some wine and maybe make some new friends while waiting a little for Jeff & his numerological adventuring.