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Orange Fest

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What is Orange Wine?

1. Pink wine is made from red grapes. Orange wine made from white grapes.
2. Pink wine has the skins removed immediately. Orange wine has the skins left in for 2 days to a year.
3. Pink wine was how a glut of red wine was gotten rid of in the last 50 years. Orange wine is how all white wine was made on the planet pre-1900.
4. Bottom Line: Orange wine is white wine for red wine drinkers!

The tasting runs from 2 pm to 10 pm on each Friday October 18 & Saturday October 19.

$35 per person / $20 for Wine Club Members
$20 tasting fee if you purchase 3 bottles or more.

SPECIAL GUEST: Timothy Davey, 6-8, Fri 10/18. Timothy brings an incredible passion & knowledge of wine with a specific edge in French Burgundy (where Pinot Noir & Chardonnay come from on the planet), and the wines of Central Europe. His new company, Lone Wolf, focuses on the wines of Central Europe, where 7 of the 8 wines tasted call home.

Here's the tasting lineup:


Batič Zaria 2017 (Slovenia)
Fekete Bela Olaszrizling 2011 (Hungary)
Bott Frigyes Unfiltered Juhfark 2018 (Slovakia)
Brkic Greda Žilavka 2015 (Bosnia & Hercegovina)
Andert Pamhogna Weiss 2018 (Austria)
Gotsa Tsitska 2015 (Republic of Georgia)
Maurer Corvina 2013 (Serbia)
Golden Cluster Mueller Mueller Mueller 2018 (Oregon)