Sid the marketing chicken

Sid is only minimally-filtered--like our wines!

Sid is only minimally-filtered--like our wines!

Sid left home at an early age.

With nothing but the feathers on his back and the complete, unabridged works of Jack Kerouac in his satchel, he hitched a ride from Arkansas to Colorado, where he took work fertilizing the yard on a hobby farm. The pay was about what you'd expect, but the views were breathtaking.

It was there in Colorado that he first heard the concept of marketing. Riding shotgun on trips into town with the farmer and his wife (who had a brisk side business selling spur-themed jewelry), he listened to self-paced-learning CDs with such titles as "Direct-Mail Market Your Way to Financial Freedom" and "From Google Ad Words to A Googol* in Your Bank Account".

*the number 10 raised to the power 100

Beautiful as that farm (and Mrs. Cosgrove's jewelry) was, Sid longed for something more. That and he'd developed an intense aversion to listening to scam artists hawking their if-my-foolproof-system-doesn't-work-for-you-it-means-you-did-it-wrong books and materials.

In 2014, on the advice of a friend, he spent his life savings on a paint job and a plane ticket to Portland, where he planned to audition for a recurring role on the fantasy-adventure television series, The Librarians.

While crossing NE Glisan Street one day, he ran into Pairings Portland founder, Jeff Weissler.

Jeff was eager to let passersby know about Pairings' upcoming "Bastille Day Wine Pairing: 5 FRENCH WINES FOR $15" but was having trouble finding anyone with a marketing background who was willing to stand on the corner for hours on end without taking a bathroom break and without "sampling" all the wine.

Sid has a bladder of steel, knows when to say when, and has been our marketing chicken ever since.