Welcome to Portland's Weirdest Wine SHOP and Bar!


Pairings Portland is a wine shop, wine bar, and classroom dedicated to a new approach to wine. We offer traditional wines in untraditional ways. Fun and approachability are front and center. For example, what wine pairs to Harry Potter? The bold, easy-to-like Les Douyes Cairanne from L'Oratorie St. Martin.

But we're just getting started :) Imagine wines paired to everything from sarcastic to sexy, from Timbers players to Astrological signs. It's all at Portland's weirdest wine shop and bar. We invite you to come in an explore!




Of course Pairings is also about the magic of pairing wine and food. We like to think of a glass of wine as one of the ingredients in your dish and we'll help you find the wine that makes your food sing. We offer wine by the glass and bottle, as well as flights, classes, creative events, and custom offerings both at the shop and away.

You'll be amazed to discover it's possible for anyone to feel like a pairing genius!

CREATE A CUSTOM EVENT! How? You describe it, we pair it. Call us at 541-531-7653 or e-mail jeff@pairingsportland.com for more info. 



Owner/Operator Jeff Weissler moves his cork collection to the new space

Owner/Operator Jeff Weissler moves his cork collection to the new space

A native New Yorker, Jeff Weissler has been loving and selling wine for more than 30 years.  While managing Suburban Wines & Spirits in Westchester, NY he discovered that all of the wines that he loved were based in natural practices and a sense of place.  Since then he has passionately followed those places that are making beautiful, unique wines.  At Parings Portland he brings those wines to you and attempts to help demystify the art of pairing wine with food.  Stop by and have a glass or a bottle.  We'd love to see you.

While working on a separate project (ConsciousWine.Com), Jeff created a YOUTUBE SERIES ON THE ART OF PAIRING WINE & FOOD.  These videos take you from the fundamentals to the truly artsy.