You have entered a "wine geek speak"-free zone   :)

Sid the marketing chicken and our founder, Jeff Weissler

Sid the marketing chicken and our founder, Jeff Weissler

There's a reason we're called "Portland's Weirdest Wine Shop & Bar". Several reasons, actually. In addition to our requisite (dare we say exquisite) wine-with-food parings, we also pair wines to:

  • TV & Movie Characters (for example: Harry Potter with the bold, easy-to-like Les Doyes Cairanne from L'Oratorie St. Martin)
  • Dog Breeds
  • Songs (for example: Prince's "When Doves Cry" with Close Canarelli Corse Figari Rose...or Merle Haggard's "I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink" with Five Star Merlot)
  • Astrological Signs
  • Your Family, Friends & Co-Workers
  • Whatever Mood You're In!!!

Put simply: We make wine fun and approachable.

At the same time, we're serious about the wines we offer:

Our criteria for roughly 80% of our inventory is that the grapes are organically-farmed, minimally-filtered, and fermented with their natural the wines carry more of the distinctive terroir of their regions (okay, that was a little wine geek speak). In other words, wines that are made to be paired.


We have a section for the budget-conscious called "Shit too good for the price" and another section of those few bottles that don't meet our certificate of sustainability called "Shit too good not to carry".

We invite you to come in and explore!